The Joker in Poker is a combination with the Joker.

You will not meet the Joker in poker rooms, but it is used in casino games. The Joker is also used in some home versions of poker, such as in the game of Stat Poker. It is quite an interesting card, different from the others. It has no suit and no face value, but gives its owner a clear advantage over his opponents!

The Joker is found in a deck of 54 cards (52 card classic deck, plus two Jokers). If the game does not require its use, the Jokers are simply removed from the deck. However, in some games the rules allow their use.

Why do you need a Joker in poker?

Over the centuries, players have sought not only to improve card games so that all participants in the Hands are in equal position, but also to make the game more interesting. They introduced innovations, including – invented Joker, which made some games more unpredictable and interesting. The Joker in Poker was especially popular in casinos, whose owners wanted to lure more players with innovations that would increase the winnings. As the Joker increases the probability of making such rare combinations as Kare and above, games with this card began to attract more players.

What does the Joker in Poker mean?

The Joker itself is a card that usually shows a jester or clown, although there may be another card with a corresponding sign on it. Usually one Joker in a deck is red and the other one is black. Despite the difference in colors, both cards are equal. Since the Joker has no face value or suit, it can play the role of any card needed to strengthen the hand. In the game of poker with the Joker the rules govern how this card is used.

The Joker acts as the card that the player needs to make the highest possible combination. For example, if the Poker player has a Street Dro, the Joker will act as the missing card to make the Street combination. It turns out that he reaches the strongest hand given the available set of cards, which makes the Joker in Poker a universal card.

The combination in poker with the Joker…


The rules of the game of poker with the Joker also stipulate the determination of the seniority of combinations made using this card. And here eats differences from the game Holdem! You need to know two key points of these rules to determine the correct seniority of combinations:

Combinations in poker with the Joker win if the opponent’s hand is younger according to the table of combinations. For example, Flash with the Joker wins against Street without the Joker, or vice versa, as he is older than him. Combinations in Poker with the Joker lose to the same hands, with no comparison between Kicker and the Senior card, as with the “clean” hands. For example, if two opponents collected a Flash and one of them used the Joker to do it, the poker player with the Joker will lose, even if his hand has a senior card, for example – Ace. In games with the Joker the strongest combination is considered not Royal Flash, but five identical cards which are made from Kara and the Joker. For example – five Aces.

What games are played with the Joker?

Poker with the Joker is also called Stop Poker. This game is completely identical to five-card poker, but it is played on the 54th or 53rd card deck – with one or two Jokers, by agreement between players. This game is an intellectual one, as winning it largely depends on the player’s strategy, ability to read opponents and use bluffing techniques. Stop Poker was superior to Hold’em and Omaha in Russia at a time when poker rooms could legally operate throughout the country. In casinos the Joker is sometimes used in modifications of Oasis poker and even in Black Jack.

A computer game of poker 5-card poker with the Joker…

At a time when slot machines were allowed throughout the country, 5-card poker game with the Joker was very popular in all countries. However, this game is a gamble, and the winnings in it depended solely on the settings of the machine.

Today, a computer game of poker 5-cards with the Joker is available on the Internet, in addition, you can install it on your computer or phone. Also this game offers various online casinos. Of course, given the fact that it is gambling, it is better to play Texas Hold’em or other types of poker, which can be played in online rums.

Poker with Joker can be gambling and sports. If you are going to play five-card poker with your friends, try using Jokers to make the game even more interesting. However, don’t forget that the count of outings will change a lot. Not only will you have to take into account the fact that the deck will be universal…

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