Joker’s archetype: Liberty

Usually the word “joker” brings to consciousness the image of a playing card. Well, or in general it is associated with a card game.

Joker Card

Another association is the “joker” card from the Tarot deck.

For the wizards practicing Simoron, the Joker symbolizes the very essence of the Simoron idea – to gain experience, play, connecting opposites, leaving the captivity of the game duality (good-bad, black and white, etc.). Another association with the Joker and Simoron: “And to hit the bull’s-eye, barely aiming.”

However, it should be added that the very idea of the Joker is very deep and dates back to the teachings of medieval alchemists and magicians.

That’s why working with the Joker’s Archetypical Image and Stories offers us incredible opportunities in life.

Nowadays, the image of the Joker is very often perceived negatively. Since the first association that “pops up” in this context, the image of the Joker from the Batman comic screenings “The Dark Knight”. In this film, the Joker – the embodiment of evil and a sworn enemy of the main character. This image can also be considered, but already from the position of “upside down” Joker.

Distortion of the Joker – man manipulator is quite common. However, you should remember that this story is a classic Joker distortion.

However, it’s all in order.


  • Archetype (psychology) – universal, originally congenital mental structures that make up the content of the collective unconscious, recognized in our experience and usually found in images and motifs of dreams.
  • Archetype (philosophy) – prototype, idea in late antique philosophy.

The term archetype was first used by Jung in psychology and is now used with pleasure in psychology and esotericism.


Joker's archetype: Liberty

We often use archetypical images and subjects in resource theatres and in inquiry work, because sometimes this opens up completely new resource meanings and new layers of energy. Of course, this phenomenon is also immensely useful in terms of expanding the possibilities of the Human Creator and implementing dream plans.

As for the Archetype Joker, the basic, basic meaning and message is to gain experience through the Game, and experience of joyful, open, honest and sincere, coming from the deep wisdom and Clarity of Consciousness.


The cards are playing. In most decks, consisting of 54 cards, there is one special, which is called the “joker”. Traditionally, it shows a court joker. In various card games the joker is used differently. In some it is the defining card in which all sense of game is concluded, in others – the joker is simply not involved. In general, the joker is most often used instead of any card when making the desired combination, or as the “strongest” card that can “beat” any other.

The very origin of the word “joker” is usually associated with the English “joker” (joker). However, many sources write that it actually originated from the mispronunciation of the name of the German game Juker (Joker). It was in this game at the end of the XIX century there was a joker, which meant the highest trump card.

Another version says that the Joker is associated with French Tarot cards. However, it is not a fact that the Joker of Tarot is the prototype of the joker, as the classic deck of Tarot originated in the Middle Ages, and the appearance of the joker, by historical standards, occurred relatively recently. But visually, these images are very similar.

Anyway, the history of the joker is confusing and ambiguous, so let’s leave it to the researchers…


Joker's archetype: Liberty

Let me quote:

“If we rely on the Joker and Jester’s match in a deck of Tarot cards, we get a very strong fusion of ancient knowledge, occultism and alchemy. And also deep wisdom and clarity of consciousness in the context of connection of everything with everything. Therefore, this map is easily associated with “secret knowledge” and considered mystical.

In Tarot, the map, called the Jester, is considered one of the most complex. It shows a man dressed as a jester.

And, as is known, the court jesters were people clever, discerning and comprehensively gifted … Under the pretext of joking and entertainment, they were allowed to say and do with impunity what could entail an extremely severe punishment even for the highest nobility. Therefore, the jester had to be able at any moment to adopt the image that would allow him to tell the truth, to remain intact, and often to achieve his goal.

Like the Jester from the Tarot deck, the Joker is a combination of opposites. He carries both white and black, truth and lie, good and evil. Thanks to his sensitivity to everything new, he knows and accepts the world around him with an open mind. His goal is to receive from life joy and pleasure, and experience to accumulate “playful”.

The other side of the symbolism of the joker is its connection with the principle of the original and constant movement. He is enterprising and trusting instinct, curious and open. Trying everything for himself is one of the basic principles of his existence. And that is why the joker is free to choose his own direction, go anywhere and do whatever he wants, for all his actions are subordinated to a single hidden agenda.

Joker's archetype: Liberty

The joker follows a road, which he will not be able to turn away from – the very destiny leads him along it. And it is necessary to continue the way, relying on his intuition, luck and protection of the Supreme Powers. The divine genius, who leads him, is capable of creating the Universe and destroying it with the hands of the joker, and the absolute freedom of this formation and its potential contain all existing possibilities.

One can say that the Joker is an expressive symbol of healthy optimism and creative approach to any situation. He is a master of Aesopian language and a desperate fighter for justice and truth, which does not conflict with his expressed instinct of self-preservation. In the Joker are present and combine seemingly contradictory properties, which only confirms the versatility of his nature.

His superb mastery of an infinite variety of innate and developed qualities and skills, as well as his extensive knowledge of various fields, give him a special symbolic value, speaking of great human capabilities and success in all endeavors …”.

Success and the Joker

Okay, I’ll underline. The image of the Joker is archetypical. This means that this model of behavior, these opportunities hidden in the depths of the collective unconscious, can be activated and launched for disclosure in real life.

After all, any archetype is information and energy. The only question is to be in harmony with this information and have access to energy…

How do you do that?

The easiest way – Simoronic practices (there are a lot of them on the site!) plus the inversion and intertwining of meanings and cause-and-effect relations plus allowing your deep wisdom to manage the processes of life…

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